Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Click-Through Rates Are Really, Really Low!

This is something that I'm not too ashamed to admit because it seems to be happening to a lot of other Adsense publishers as well!

My click-through rate used to average at least 10% and 10% was actually my click-through rate goal. But starting as far back as of the last few months of 2009 my click through rates have decreased a lot!

It is something that I am really going to have to work on so that I can get back to my click through rate goal of at least 10%. Individually my CTR rate averages about 10% or sometimes even higher but when you add all of my Adsense sites together my CTR rate is quite low.

On the bright side this does give me the opportunity to work on some ideas that I have so that I can increase my CTR rate. But I do think that a lot of this has to do with the way that the adsense ads appear on my sites! I really can't understand what kind of change could have occurred within the last few months to make the CTR rates go down so much????

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