Friday, July 29, 2011

"Your Adsense Payment Is On It's Way"..........

I got this email the other day and was quite suspicious of it! I did a little checking around and I found out from Rose that it seems to be a legitimate email from them.

Rose said she posted a query about this on one of the adsense-related forum boards and that she got a reply almost right away from one of the senior members of the forum who said that the email was legitimate.

It seems that Adsense has been sending this kind of email for a while now but this has been the first time that I think I ever got one.

I'm not saying 100% that you should trust this email because I was suspicious when I saw that the links in the email didn't go directly to adsense so I didn't click on them!

As always if you are suspicious about an email then you should go directly to the source and NOT click on the links that are provided in the email. If you have your suspicions then you should go directly to the Adsense site, send them an email asking them if it was them that legitimately sent you the email!