Friday, October 12, 2007

What Is Adsense?

Looking at the poll results I see that a few people have asked what the adsense program is all about.

Adsense lets you put ads on your site - whether it is a blog or a website. When visitors to your site click on the ads then you earn money. You have to earn at least a minimum of $100 during the month before you can receive an Adsense payment the next month. You can receive your adsense money either by regular check or by bank transfer.

*And just in case you are wondering how much money some people have been making with the adsense program just click here to read a blog post about it.

You have to first join the adsense program first. Then you must submit the url of your site so that it can be reviewed and approved.

Once your site has been approved then you can go through the steps of picking out the layout of your ads. You do not get to pick the specific ads because those will depend on the content of your site! Once you pick the layout of your ads, you will be given a code that you have to copy and paste to your site before the ads appear.

You can find out more about this by going to The Adsense Consultant Part 2 blog