Saturday, August 29, 2009

Want To Be Interviewed By Adsense?

Adsense will be conducting interviews to find out how the can make the Adsense program better! Please be advised that only those in North America can participate in the interviews! Adsense says that they are going to expand the program to other countries in the future.

You should also know that not all applications will be accepted. But if you would like to request to be interviewed you can go to their online form by clicking here.

If your application is accepted you may receive a credit as well!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Earliest Adsense Payment?

Well I know that us Adsense Publishers are anxiously awaiting our "payment in progress" lines unfortunately it won't be showing up during the weekend! Maybe Monday or maybe Tuesday at the earliest - I, myself am hoping for Monday!

However just in case you are curious, the earliest that I have gotten an Adsense payment was during December. It seems that Adsense tries to give us our earnings in time for us to spend it before Christmas. (It is rumored that Adsense tries to pay out the "payment in progress" process sooner during the month of December so that they can "close the year" as soon as possible.)

But the earliest that I have ever gotten an Adsense payment was on December 22nd when I got my Adsense in check form.

Unfortunately this past December I didn't get my Adsense payment until AFTER December 25th! You see I got the "PIP" (payment in progress) line on December 24th and since it usually takes 24 hours I actually had to wait 48 hours because of the Christmas (Dec. 25th) holiday.

On months other than December my earliest Adsense payments have been on the 23rd of the month! The latest? Actually got one on the 29th of the month - Yikes - that one was agony!

It really depends on the format of the month and even then you can't say that 100% - so it is very iffy as to when we will actually get our Adsense payment but the average date is usually the 25th of the month - sometimes earlier and sometimes later but the 25th of the month is about the average.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It Seems That Not Everyone Is A Fan Of The Adsense Program!

I got the most interesting comment for this blog a few days ago but it had so many curse words in it that I decided not to add the comments to this blog.

Basically what the comment said was that who ever posted the comment didn't seem to be too happy with the Adsense program. Basically what they said was that as soon as one starts to make money with the Adsense program then Adsense cancels your account!

Of course this is not true for everybody. I take it that this person has had a very bad experience with the Adsense program and I really don't know if it was their fault or if it was Adsense's fault. The person that posted the comment didn't leave any details on why they felt this way so I have no way of knowing!

If you really have a problem with the Adsense program then you should really state the details as to why! There have been times when the powers that be at Adsense have admitted that they have made mistakes and they do take steps to solve those mistakes. Adsense publishers have been known to appeal being discontinued from the Adsense program and they have won their appeals!

So if you really have a problem with the Adsense program then you should really include some details and let us know why you feel so strongly against the Adsense program because we may be able to help you!

That is of course why I am an Adsense Consultant - after all!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009