Thursday, December 10, 2009

Notice Something DIFFERENT About Your Adsense Account?

It seems that there has been a little cosmetic change to your Adsense account!

It seems that Adsense has changed the way your Adsense account page looks. According to their blog they assure us Adsense publishers that these changes do not affect the way our Adsense earnings are calculated.

Did you already see this? If not, take a look at the screen shot below:

As you can see the top portion of the screenshot shows the way your Adsense page looked BEFORE Adsense changed it. The top of your adsense page used to say "Today's Earnings" but NOW it says "Today's ESTIMATED Earnings!

According to Adsense this change that they have made will not affect your Adsense earnings.

Basically what they are saying is that your adsense earnings aren't officially tabulated until your adsense earning numbers are verified (which usually occurs around the 10th of the next month before they send your Adsense payment).

I can honestly say that I have seen this happen on my own Adsense account where at the end of the month there will be an Adsense earning total but by the 10th of the next month that Adsense earning number has changed - in my case it changed to a higher number - thank goodness.

A more detailed explanation of this can be found on the official Adsense blog by clicking here.

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