Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Earliest Adsense Payment?

Well I know that us Adsense Publishers are anxiously awaiting our "payment in progress" lines unfortunately it won't be showing up during the weekend! Maybe Monday or maybe Tuesday at the earliest - I, myself am hoping for Monday!

However just in case you are curious, the earliest that I have gotten an Adsense payment was during December. It seems that Adsense tries to give us our earnings in time for us to spend it before Christmas. (It is rumored that Adsense tries to pay out the "payment in progress" process sooner during the month of December so that they can "close the year" as soon as possible.)

But the earliest that I have ever gotten an Adsense payment was on December 22nd when I got my Adsense in check form.

Unfortunately this past December I didn't get my Adsense payment until AFTER December 25th! You see I got the "PIP" (payment in progress) line on December 24th and since it usually takes 24 hours I actually had to wait 48 hours because of the Christmas (Dec. 25th) holiday.

On months other than December my earliest Adsense payments have been on the 23rd of the month! The latest? Actually got one on the 29th of the month - Yikes - that one was agony!

It really depends on the format of the month and even then you can't say that 100% - so it is very iffy as to when we will actually get our Adsense payment but the average date is usually the 25th of the month - sometimes earlier and sometimes later but the 25th of the month is about the average.

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