Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"What Do I Need To Join Adsense?"

It never occurred to me that there would be people out there who still didn't know how to use the Adsense program - that is until I saw some most recently post this question to one of the message boards. So here is what you have to have in order to join the Adsense program.

The most important thing that you will need is a website or blog! You can get a free blog at Blogger.com - in fact it would be a very good idea to get a Blog at Blogger.com because they encourage you to add the Adsense ads to your blog!

An important note here is that before you can join the Adsense program you will have to have a website or blog because you will have to submit the url of your site so that Adsense can review your site and then decide whether or not your site will be approved for the Adsense program!

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