Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm At The Halfway MarK........

As you can see from this picture I am currently at the half-way / $50 mark. That means that I have the rest of the month to make at least $50 more so that I will be able to get an adsense payment the next month (January 2008).

As I have blogged about before I have seen a dramatic drop in my adsense earnings and my adsense click-through-rate. As an Adsense Consultant, I take this as a challenge as I work on getting my adsense numbers back to where they were when I was at my peak!

Basically speaking my adsense numbers are down about 40%! And to me that is a lot!

On the plus side I do know that some of the drop can be attributed to me having less sites - which I'm working on to increase!

If anything, you will see by my own adsense numbers that you do NOT have to have a lot of page impressions to at least start earning an income with adsense!

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