Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Well, My Blog Has Been Locked (Again)!

Imagine my surprise when I went to post to my Adsense Consultant Blog and found out that it was locked and under review by Blogger.com. What is so surprising is that this is the 2nd time that the blog has been locked! I kind of found this annoying because I thought that after the first time that the blog was locked and found out NOT to be a spam blog that I wouldn't have to worry about it being locked ever again - seems I was wrong!

So I have sent the appropriate email to Blogger.com and now have to wait for my Adsense Consultant Blog to be unlocked.

In case this happens to you and YOUR blog has been blocked and is under review by Blogger, just hope that it is a case of their spiders/robots classifying your blog as a spam blog as opposed to a more serious violation of their terms of service because solving the problem of your blog being classified as a spam blog is a lot easier than your blog seriously violating Blogger's terms of service.

So let's see how long it takes Blogger.com's reviewers to find out that my Adsense Consultant Blog isn't a spam blog.

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